A boy was killed in a car crash. Now his parents are suing the suspected drunken driver

The parents of an 8-year-old Selma boy, killed in a DUI-related car crash, have filed a wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit against the suspected drunken driver.

Scott and Megan Martzen are seeking an unspecified amount of damages for the emotional distress caused by the tragic crash.


Dylan Noble lawsuit puts city police practices under a microscope

The city of Fresno’s fight to maintain secrecy of records related to the fatal shooting of Dylan Noble by police officers sustained a blow this week when a federal judge ordered police body camera footage, 911 calls, dispatch audio and more to be turned over to the attorneys of Noble’s parents – without requiring them to keep the evidence out of the public eye.

Western Milling Stops Making Horse Feeds After Animal Deaths

Under a settlement with state officials, Western Milling, LLC, will stop producing horse and specialty feeds at its Goshen manufacturing plant and pay $526,500 in fines to continue operating after feed produced there killed and sickened dozens of horses and cows.

Former Fresno Opera Director Sues Company, Successor for Alleged Defamation

The former director and former associate director of the Fresno Grand Opera filed a lawsuit in Fresno County Superior Court against the company and another former director for defamation and emotional distress.

Fresno lawyer Warren Paboojian filed the civil lawsuit Friday on behalf of Ronald D. Eichman and Thi Nguyen.

Why Did Patricia Astone Die? Husband Says Saint Agnes, Doctor to Blame

A wrongful death trial underway in Fresno County Superior Court will determine whether Saint Agnes Medical Center staff and a doctor were negligent in the November 2014 death of a retired school teacher who was seeking treatment for ovarian cancer.

Astone began feeling optimistic when her doctor told her that the operation was a success and that with continued chemotherapy she could be cured or her cancer could go into remission, Fresno attorney Daniel Baradat says in court papers.

School District Sued After Off Campus Gang Rape Report

Three teens are accused of a gang rape in Fresno and now their school is also the target of a lawsuit. The victim says it happened twice — and Central Unified should’ve been able to prevent it.

“The lawsuit is about not only the sexual assault that occurred with these students, but the school district failing to provide adequate safety for the child after they were aware there were problems between these kids,” said Warren Paboojian, the attorney suing on the girl’s behalf.

Four young people died. Did 19-year-old driver cause crash, or is Union Pacific to blame?

Next to a rural road south of Fresno, a cross made of steel with four railroad spikes juts from the ground in honor of four people who were killed nearly four years ago when a car collided with a Union Pacific Railroad freight train.

The trial is of public interest because the same street conditions that led to the deadly collision exist today and Union Pacific has done nothing to fix them, contend Fresno attorneys Warren Paboojian and René Sample, who represent the families of Fernandez, Velasquez and Smith.

Attorneys Representing Dylan Noble’s Family Reject Internal Investigation Results

The attorneys for the family of Dylan Noble feel like the police department is still more concerned about the officers instead of improving the tactics they are using during high-pressure situations.

Attorney Warren Paboojian is the attorney representing Dylan’s father, and he believes it was the responding officers who set the tense tone the moment they made the traffic stop with their guns drawn. Paboojian wants additional training but also a change in philosophy.

Second lawsuit filed in Fresno police shooting of Dylan Noble

The father of Dylan Noble, who was fatally shot by Fresno police during a traffic stop in June, has filed a civil rights wrongful-death lawsuit against the city and its Police Department that contends two officers used excessive force when they fired on the intoxicated 19-year-old as he lay wounded.

In the lawsuit, Fresno attorneys Warren Paboojian and Jason Bell accuse officers Raymond Camacho and Robert Chavez of shooting an unarmed Noble even though he never made a threat toward the officers and they never saw him with a gun or heard him refer to a gun, nor asked him if he had a gun.

Parents seek justice for Dylan Noble: ‘He loved life’

The parents of Dylan Noble went on offense Thursday, asking mothers and fathers to stand together and get justice for the 19-year-old who was gunned down by two Fresno police officers during a traffic stop last month.

Meanwhile, family lawyers Warren Paboojian and Stuart Chandler have set the groundwork to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the Fresno Police Department.

Noble family, attorneys react to video released by police

The attorneys representing the Noble family spoke out Wednesday, after video showing the moments 19-year-old Dylan Noble was shot and killed, was released to the public.

The family and attorneys watched the video with Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer last week. Wednesday, Noble’s father Darren Noble, shared few words, as he stood alongside his attorney Warren Paboojian.

Fresno police video shows shooting of unarmed suspect

Dylan Noble died in June after police shot him four times, twice as he approached officers, twice while he was on the ground, still moving. His family thinks Fresno police didn’t need to use deadly force.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said there are questions that body camera recordings, released Wednesday, answer and some they don’t.

Dylan Noble’s parents thought ‘police don’t shoot to kill’ – until son was slain

When Veronica Nelson got the call that her 19-year-old son had been shot by Fresno police, she was actually relieved.

She was staying in Pismo Beach, taking care of her mother-in-law who has stage four cancer. When she heard the news, she scrambled to pack a bag of clothes because she thought she’d be spending nights in the hospital with her son. On the two-and-a-half hour drive home, she imagined scenarios: he might be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life or lose an arm or leg from the gunshot wounds.

I was happy that it was a police officer instead of someone out on the streets t…

Toxic Feed Blamed for Deaths of Show Horses

Toxic horse feed left more than 50 show horses either dead or severely sickened in California’s Central Valley, their owners claim in court.

The owners, who are represented by Warren Paboojian of Baradat & Paboojian, seek punitive damages for emotional distress, strict liability, warranty and fraud.

Families Sue Central California School For Negligence Over Bullying

Two families have filed a lawsuit against a Fresno Catholic school accusing school officials of failing to protect students from a bully.

Attorney Warren Paboojian represents the family of an 8-year-old boy and the family of a 7-year-old boy. Paboojian says the boys were subjected to sexual misconduct at the hands of an 8-year-old male bully. Paboojian argues that school officials did not report the bullying immediately to police. Instead, Paboojian says the school conducted an internal investigation before calling police days later.

Lawsuit accuses St. Anthony’s School in Fresno of negligence

In response, the Office of Catholic Education, which serves the Diocese of Fresno, has informed the parents of the two alleged victims that their children no longer can attend St. Anthony’s at Maroa and Bullard avenues or any other Catholic school in the diocese.

“Unbelievable,” replied Fresno attorney Warren Paboojian, who represents the two families. “This sends a terrible message to the community, that if you disagree with the Catholic Church, you will get punished for asserting your constitutional rights,” Paboojian said.

Fresno County settles Seth Ireland case for $1.35 million

A bitter legal battle over the 2009 death of 10-year-old Seth Ireland ended Thursday when Fresno County agreed to pay $1.35 million to the boy’s father and stepbrother.

The settlement was announced Thursday by Fresno attorney Warren Paboojian, who represents Seth’s father, Joseph Hudson.

Lawsuit: Fresno High turned ‘blind eye’ to teacher-student affair

A lawyer has accused Fresno High staff members of knowing about English teacher Darren Klassen’s illicit sexual affair with an underage student, but doing nothing to stop it, according to a lawsuit filed in Fresno County Superior Court against the Fresno Unified School District.

Fresno attorney Warren Paboojian said Thursday that the sexual abuse/molestation occurred over two years from January 2013 until September, when Klassen was arrested after the girl’s parents told the Fresno Police Department.

Fresno County cries foul, wants Seth Ireland case tried elsewhere

Fresno County will ask a judge to move the Seth Ireland wrongful death civil trial out of the county, contending it has been bombarded by “adverse and inaccurate” media attention as well as misinformation from the boy’s father’s lawyer, Warren Paboojian.

In a motion filed this week, lawyers for Fresno County cite several articles published in The Bee and statements Paboojian made to reporters.

Two organizations want Fresno County to cover legal costs, damages in pipeline blast

Two organizations named in several lawsuits along with Fresno County for their apparent roles in a deadly pipeline explosion in northwest Fresno last April want the county to cover their legal and damages costs.

Claims by the Sheriff’s Foundation for Public Safety and Fresno County Peace Officers Association contend they should not be liable for costs or damages related to the explosion that killed one jail inmate and injured 12 others working at the Fresno Sheriff’s Foundation shooting range at 7633 N. Weber Ave.

Explosive Local Lawsuit Could Light Up E-Cigarette Industry

They’re peaking in popularity, but are they sagging in safety? An explosive local lawsuit could light up the e-cigarette industry.

“Obviously, they have not done what needs to be done to protect the public,” said Adam Stirrup, an attorney for the teen suing e-cigarette maker Shenzhen IVPS Technology. It all started with a fire at a Clovis school. It was quite a shock for students and teachers when a Clovis East senior caught fire in the middle of class a couple months ago. But explosions and fires from e-cigarettes are no surprise at all to the industry, or the federal government.

Lawsuit Claims School Mishandled Complaint Of Sexual Contact By Accused Bully

Disturbing accusations from parents at a Fresno school. They claim an eight-year-old bully had sexual contact with their kids and the school didn’t do anything about it. A lawsuit filed this week accuses the school of basically sweeping the problem under the rug. But administrators said they did everything right.

The St. Anthony’s Campus didn’t feel like a safe place anymore to a couple boys as of a few months ago. The seven and eight-year-olds told their parents another boy bullied them, and the trouble included comments and acts of a sexual nature. The parents took it up with…

Lawyer fires back at Fresno County in Seth Ireland death case

In the latest volley over the death of Seth Ireland nearly eight years ago, the Fresno lawyer representing the boy’s family says county officials are lying and hiding a report that exposed actions by social workers.

Warren Paboojian, who represents the boy’s father, Joseph Hudson, said Thursday that Jean Rousseau, Fresno County’s administrative officer, made false statements last week about a quality assurance report that detailed actions by county social services employees.

After Seth’s death, county officials promised the public would learn the truth about what h…

After court battle, Fresno County makes public report about Seth Ireland’s death

At a press conference Wednesday Fresno County officials released the full report regarding the death of 10-year-old Seth Ireland.

“It is important however, that the citizens of Fresno County understand certain facts.” Says County Administrator Jean Rousseau.

Seth died in 2009 after being beaten by Lebaron Vaughn, the boyfriend of Seth’s mother.

After court battle, Fresno County makes public report about Seth Ireland’s death

Social workers had several opportunities to prevent the beating death of 10-year-old Seth Ireland by his mother’s boyfriend, but they failed to follow up on complaints of abuse or interview key witnesses, according to a Fresno County investigative report that was released Wednesday after a lengthy legal battle.

Months before Seth died in January 2009, neighbors had called police and social workers frequently after they heard Seth and his siblings yelling “stop” inside their southwest Fresno home, but the abuse continued, says the report that’s critical of the county’s Child Pro…

Editorial: Fresno County’s contempt for saving a child is shameful

Delay tactics by Fresno County’s contract lawyer to stop the public from learning of mistakes made by Child Protective Services before the murder of 10-year-old Seth Ireland have exited the realm of the absurd and entered the land of the unconscionable.

At a Jan. 14 hearing, Fresno County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Hamilton gave specific orders about an investigative report on Seth’s tragic death.

James Weakley, representing the county, was told to redact the names of social workers and other county employees named in the report and then place it in the court fil…

Fresno County refuses to make public more complete report about Seth Ireland’s death

The lawyer representing the family of Seth Ireland in a wrongful-death lawsuit said Tuesday that Fresno County is doing a disservice by not making public an investigative report that details why Child Protective Services failed to prevent the 2009 killing of the 10-year-old boy by his mother’s boyfriend.

Fresno attorney Warren Paboojian made his comments after a lawyer for Fresno County gave Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Hamilton a redacted copy of the report that gutted the critical findings.

The county’s redacted copy caught Hamilton off guard. That’s because in a…

Editorial: Ireland case deceit destroys credibility of Fresno County supervisors

Now that a Fresno Superior Court judge has ended the deceit and delay game plan orchestrated by the Fresno County Board of Supervisors in the Seth Ireland case, it’s time to assess the damage to county officials.

For starters, Judge Jeffrey Hamilton on Jan. 14 imposed sanctions of $4,500 on the county for failing to hand over a county report that investigated what Child Protective Services did – and didn’t do – in the days, weeks and months before the 10-year-old Ireland was beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend in 2009.

As The Bee’s Pablo Lopez reported in…

Judge orders county to turn over report about Seth Ireland’s death

Climaxing a legal battle that has spanned more than six years, Fresno County finally turned over an investigative report that details why Child Protective Services failed to prevent the death of 10-year-old Seth Ireland, who died in 2009 after he was beaten by his mother’s boyfriend.

It took some arm twisting from Judge Jeffrey Hamilton to make it happen.

Joseph Hudson, the father of Seth Ireland, tells supporters outside a Fresno courtroom he will never give up in getting justice for his son.

On Wednesday, Hamilton issued a tentative ruling that said …

Fresno attorneys make new attempt to get report on Seth Ireland’s death

Lawyers for Seth Ireland have filed a motion to compel Fresno County to turn over a report that details why Child Protective Services failed to prevent the killing of the 10-year-old boy, who died in 2009 after being beaten by his mother’s boyfriend.

In a motion, Fresno lawyers Warren Paboojian and Jason Bell say two courts – Fresno County Superior Court and the 5th District Court of Appeal – have ordered county officials to turn over the investigative report to Seth’s father, Joseph Hudson, but they have not done so.

At 3 p.m. Wednesday, they will ask Superior…

Chuck Liddell wins $2 million lawsuit against escrow company

A jury sides with former mixed martial arts star after he sued an escrow firm that aided convicted fraudster

A jury awarded retired mixed martial arts champion Chuck Liddell nearly $2 million Tuesday against an escrow company he says helped developer Kelly Gearhart defraud him.

Hanford Old Navy Sued Over Secret Video of Girl Undressing

A girl who spotted a cellphone while it recorded a secret video of her undressing in an Old Navy store has sued the store, its parent company, The Gap Inc., and an employee now in jail.

The lawsuit, filed last week in Kings County Superior Court by lawyer Warren Paboojian of Fresno, alleges invasion of privacy, negligence and emotional distress, and seeks damages for pain and suffering.

Intoxicated Driver, City of Fresno to Pay Over $1.25m Over DUI Death

A driver involved in an accident that claimed the life of a 7-year-old will be providing part of what the victim’s family will be receiving as a result the settlement of the civil lawsuit filed by his parents. The driver has also been sent to jail as a result of the occurrence.

According to recent reports, the City of Fresno has agreed to pay more than $1 million to the family, on top of the $100,000 the driver has been ordered to pay. The driver’s insurance company should be able to provide the total sum to the child’s family.

The accident took place …

Madera Unified And BMW At The Center Of Lawsuit

The negligent actions of both the Madera Unified School District and BMW are at the center of a lawsuit that has just been filed by Warren Paboojian on behalf of a family who lost their 14-year old daughter to a hot vehicle.

Graciela Martinez was driven to school in a BMW by her brother Oscar on September 11, and because her class did not start until one hour after her brother’s class, Graciela decided to take a nap in the back of the car. Unbeknownst to Oscar, this particular BMW model, a 328i of the 1997 model year, suffers from a safety defect wherein the doors cannot be unlock…

Lawsuit Filed Against Visalia Unified School District

The Fresno Bee recently published an article that looks at attorney Warren Paboojian’s work representing two girls who were sexually molested by a janitor at their school.

The girls, 9 and 10, attended Oak Grove Elementary School, the place of employment of Antonio Cordova, the man responsible for the heinous acts. Mr. Paboojian has been able to uncover evidence that Cordova perpetrated such acts against multiple victims.

Because the school district failed to take steps to ensure that these actions would never happen, Mr. Paboojian has filed a lawsuit against the …

Clovis Unified School District Molestation Case Settled for $2.1 million

Reports show that the Clovis Unified School District has recently settled a case involving a second-grade student and a Freedom Elementary School teacher.

Media outlets claim that the Clovis Unified School District offered the child’s family a $2 million cash settlement to resolve the case linked to allegations concerning sexual abuse and child pornography charges. The teacher was arrested due to the allegations in January of 2012.

According to a spokesperson, the district acted promptly in order to ensure the community’s confidence in the school district had been …

Paboojian Questions Fresno CPS Worker For Not Heeding Warning Signs

A court case currently being held in Fresno, California finds our own Warren Paboojian representing a grieving father whose ten year old son was murdered. At issue is what could have been done by a Child Protective Services social worker assigned to the boy’s case prior to the tragic incident which took his life.

The young boy in question died after being beaten by his mother’s boyfriend in December 2008. Prior to that incident, CPS was informed of suspected abuse by a neighbor and by the principal at the boy’s school. On each occasion, the social worker was dispat…

Settlement Reached in Fresno’s Roosevelt High School Shooting

Almost four years ago, a special education student at Fresno’s Roosevelt High School walked behind Officer Junus Perry during a lunch break and hit the policeman over the head with a wooden baseball bat. Perry then shot the student, leading the teen to sustain fatal injuries. The incident was classified as self defense by the Fresno Police Department.

That was not the end of the story, though. Officer Perry decided to sue the Fresno Unified School District, claiming that he had not been properly briefed as to the mental state of the teenager. He says that such information may have …

Baradat & Paboojian, Inc. Donate Generously

The law firm of Baradat & Paboojian, Inc. has gifted $31,000 to the San Joaquin College of Law for the institution’s continued contributions to the betterment of the community. Mr. Warren Paboojian, himself an alumni from the college, emphasized his desire to help San Joaquin students financially as they embark on their studies.

To that end, a Trial Advocacy Scholarship has been established in the firm’s name, providing $1,000 to one student every year who has expressed a desire to become a trial lawyer. The rest of the money will go toward aiding numerous programs at the college, …


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A boy was killed in a car crash. Now his parents are suing the suspected drunken driver

The parents of an 8-year-old Selma boy, killed in a DUI-related car crash, have filed a wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit...

Feed plant to pay $2.4 million

Feed plant to pay $2.4 million to settle lawsuit for poisoning 49 horses in Clovis

Family of slain teen Dylan Noble reaches settlement with city of Fresno

The Fresno City Council approved a record $2.8 million settlement Thursday between the city and the family of 19-year-old Dylan Noble, who was...

Chipotle wrongfully accused a manager of stealing $636. She just won millions in court.

Jeanette Ortiz — a 14-year Chipotle veteran before she was fired in 2015 — was awarded nearly $8 million by a jury in Fresno County Superior Court...

Fresno jury says Chipotle owes former manager $7.97 million for wrongful termination

A Fresno, California Superior Court jury on Thursday, May 10, 2018 ordered Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. to pay $8 million to Jeannette Ortiz for...

Coaches accuse FCC and Reedley College of discriminating against women in sports

A new lawsuit accuses Fresno City College and Reedley College of discrimination against women in sports -- both coaches and athletes.

They do similar jobs as men but get paid less. Now 3 female coaches are fighting back

Three female coaches at Fresno City College and Reedley College have sued the State Center Community College District for gender discrimination,...

Motorcycle operator blames US Postal Service for crash Northern California Record

A motorcycle operator is suing the U.S. Postal Service and one of its drivers, alleging their negligence caused a crash that injured the plaintiff.

What’s a life worth? For a woman killed by a tour bus, the answer is $1 million

A Fresno County jury has ordered a Fresno tour bus company to pay $1 million to the children of a 40-year-old woman who was run over and killed in a...

Electricity flowing through a fence killed a boy. Are property owners and managers to blame?

The electrocution of a 12-year-old Fresno boy has resulted in a wrongful death civil lawsuit against the owners and managers of an apartment complex...


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